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I had my dog diagnosed with lymphoma. She had two operations to remove enlarged lymph nodes. I found a place that had very good rates, a lot cheaper than the ASPCA itself (Bergh Hospital). Insurance technically pays 80% of reasonable costs, which means that they will pay 80% of what is determined to be the appropriate cost within your location. They ended up paying approximately 65% of my cost -- meaning that my costs were higher than the "reasonable". However I know that I paid very competitive prices, the same if not lower than the average in my area.

The response time to claims is inconsistent, but overall a month after submitting the claim (if they didn't need the vet's records sent over). Sometimes it takes them too long to acknowledge they received the records (once, more than a month)

Continuous care is an add-on for chronic illness. This covers illnesses that exceed one term. It is good but not so good: It pays a maximum lifetime and after that you're on your own because after that it is a pre-existing condition. I guess this will be the case with all the insurances, but it does limit what you get after one chronic disease is diagnosed. In a way, a dog like mine with cancer is likely to have complications that will not be covered because cancer is the ultimate cause, and then insurance becomes irrelevant...

A question here says "would you recommend this company to other pet owners?" --- I think there may be better plans, certainly, but considering that

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Claim Amount
Over $1000

Italian Greyhound

Age of Pet
1 - 8

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