Fake! A rip off

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Bought this. Tried to book appointments at three different places that Pet Assure claims are participating vets: those vets either didn't accept it or have never accepted it. Now I'm trying to book appointments at places over an hour away? False advertisement. I'm going to figure out what state they're in and making a claim with the BBB.

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Check up, vaccine
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Posted: 04/28/2015
By: Pet Assure Cus…

We're sorry you are having trouble locating a vet. We update our list of veterinary practices frequently, and if a vet that is listed as a provider says they don't accept it we want to know about it. It is very important to us to keep our list up to date and accurate and our vet relations team will be happy to investigate the issue. Please give us a call at 888-789-7387

Posted: 09/17/2013
By: Cassie

I disagree completely. I am 100% satisfied with my discount card and have been a member for 6 years. I have never ONCE had an issue. Some people just love to complain.