frustrated about payment

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I asked for a preapproval and it got all messed up. I think I was paid the entire amount instead of my vet receiving any. the clerks got mixed up and did not pay attention that 3 claims were really one...all day in vets - then to emergency hospital overnight - then back to vet the next day. one event. seemed to confuse them greatly...i'm sure this happens a lot. they are still working on this option to have preapproval, and they need to work out the kinks. even with several emails, I still think this one is a mess. I want to be sure my vet was paid and I get my part only. I still don't know as my vet owner is out of town and only they know if they got the electronic transfer unless trupanion tells me they paid them which...after 1 week, i'm still waiting for the answer.

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still no diagnosis - consulting internists
Claim Amount
Over $1000


Age of Pet
1 - 8

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