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I had always questioned why I had pet insurance on my dog. He's been healthy as can be and we've only been to the vet for shots, etc. That all changed 3 weeks ago.
Giacomo was in the local dog park doing what Italian Greyhounds love to do... run. He was having a great time but things changed in seconds. Tempers flared and the next thing I knew another dog had grabbed him by his throat. I got them apart and raced to the local emergency hospital. He was vomiting blood and had a gash over his left eye.

Long story short. Two days in intensive care and a follow up visit to his regular doctor ran up a tab of over $3,000! I called Healthy Paws to make sure things were covered and they were very assuring and concerned over his care. All the bills were submitted, processed and a check issued in less than one week!

Any company can easily process a claim but the genuine concern over the phone and the follow up email the following week asking how he was feeling was fantastic. I really felt that they cared about their clients. I will always remember that and will recommend that everyone get insurance on their pet and to definitely check out Healthy Paws.

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Dog Attack
Claim Amount
Over $1000

Italian Greyhound

Age of Pet
1 - 8

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