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I bought Healthy Paws Insurance for my 4 year old boxer and have never been happier. While consulting with my vet about insurance, she said "you have a boxer, so YES, get the insurance." At that point, I began to shop around and landed with this company for coverage.
This company is great because they will allow you to select the deductible you want and the percentage of coverage you desire. Whatever you select will determine your monthly rate. I pay about $50 a month for it and let me tell you - it's absolutely worth it! My dog is now 5.5yrs old and we have been through 2 surgeries using this insurance. Every time my claims were adjudicated quickly and I received 90% (minus my deductible) for the costs. If I did not understand why something was not reimbursed, it was always explained to me clearly and if something should have been covered but wasn't for some reason, it was corrected immediately. Their customer service is EXCELLENT.

If you are considering pet insurance, definitely take a look at this company. I cannot tell you how much it has saved me financially as well as for piece of mind. I never worry about a $10,000 surgery because they are right there with you all the way. My boxer just got a tumor removed (very common in boxers) to the tune of $1,000 ($300 to diagnose, $700 for the surgery) and everything was covered (minus the vet's office fee, which they don't pay for).

I can't say enough good about this company. Definitely consider them when do

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Claim Amount
$500 - $1000


Age of Pet
1 - 8

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