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My dog, Posey, was bitten in the face by a rattlesnake while we were hiking. She was on a six foot leash, and I saw the snake in the surrounding dry grass.Fortunately we'd just begun our walk, so we turned around, got back to the car and headed for the nearest vet office. She was seen immediately, given fluids, Benadryl, antibiotics and pain medicine. I had to take her to the local emergency vet office so anti venom could be administered. By then Posey was tremendously swollen in the face and neck. She remained overnight at the emergency hospital, and was released when her clotting factor tested normal.
I brought Posey home the next afternoon. Her entire body was swollen, and bruised from the swelling. She took antibiotics and pain medicine for the next two weeks.
Pet Plan insurance reimbursed me all the expenses, less my copay of $200 within ten days of submitting the claim! Posey's bill would have cost $2,108, a large amount of money. Thanks to Pet Plan, her accident cost was negligible and she's made a complete recovery, with only a small scar on her face.
Pet Plan made a frightening event manageable, with an easy claim process. Tragedy averted!

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Rattlesnake bite
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