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This place is no good. Something is off. I don't know if it's a big scam or what but something is not right. If you adopted an animal and are given "the gift of insurance" as a "thank you" for adopting an animal, I hope you get to read this : get a different insurance!!!!!! Maybe one that your vet or a friend recommends and trusts. This place is no good.

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Posted: 09/18/2013

Jb,Thank you for your comments as we review each of our customers complaints and compliments seriously in order to improve service to our pet owners and their pets.

The gift of insurance is provided as a gift for adopting a homeless pet. The gift of insurance is of no cost to you the adopter, and provided specific coverage for accidents and illnesses commom to newly adopted pets. Keep note that pre-existing conditions are not covered as well as not all conditions will be covered under this gift of insurance.

If you have futher concerns regarding the reimbursement of your claim please contact the Claims Department at 1-866-275-7387.

Joanne Feather
Director B2C Administration
24PetWatch Pet Insurance Programs