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ASPCA = Horrible insurance! I had to keep this insurance for a few years since my dog developed skin issues. ASPCA tells you that they pay 80% but forget to mention that is 80% of their pre-calculated costs. For example: I was charged with $60 a vet visit - they are paying you 80% our of $40 only. Another example would be a CBC (blood work) test that costs %191.00 they pay back 80% out of $136.35 (their limit). Luckily since my dog was getting older I decided to get a secondary and tertiary insurance – PetPlan and Trupanion. Let’s not even talk about exclusions code – everything is excluded!!! 3 weeks ago they paid me $20 out of $60 for Baytril and after getting a refill 2 weeks later when they decided that now it was for a different condition and they denied it – REALLY???? You try calling them and talk with them rationally - all what they can tell you is reading from a piece of paper “you exceeded you limit for this condition”.
In May we discovered a tumor in my doggy’s spleen. We had the surgery and started him on alternative medicine treatments as homeopathic, holistic and o-zone therapy to not let the cancer come back. I AM SO GRATEFUL I got PetPlan!!! They cover 90% of the actual VET BILL as well as homeopathic, holistic, EVERYTHING!!! It is amazing to see that I am getting my money back. It may take them a bit longer than ASPCA to complete the claims but hey I rather wait an additional week and get my money back. I cannot say much about Trupanion except that I sent

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Claim Amount
Over $1000

English Cocker Spaniel

Age of Pet
Over 8 years

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