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Healthy Paws deserves the most enthusiastic 10 rating I can give. I did quite a bit of research involving pet insurance before settling on Healthy Paws. Several articles I read about pet insurance suggested this was the most reputable company out there, however a small one. A personal conversation with the owner of the company settled all my worries about it being a smaller company, (they have a significant underwriter among other strengths). We signed up for the 90% coverage when our pure-bred was roughly three months old. We are SO grateful that we were proactive with this because about half a year later, he developed a series of ear, eye and skin infections. Each time, we had to take him in, get treatment, and the little guy was practically living in an Elizabethan collar. We finally realized there was likely a larger problem and switched vets upon further research. The new vet informed us that our dog was likely suffering from allergies. Who knew that so many infections could be the result of allergies? So we got our pup a blood allergy test and had him put on his first serums at that time. Healthy Paws covered 90% of the test and treatment, minus the office visit and $100 deductible. The first claim took about a week. But every claim since has been only a few days.
Our pup was great for another year and a half, until we moved to a new house where the infections flared up again, this time with more severity. We were referred to a vet that specialized in dog dermatology

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Shiba Inu

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