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I have a adorable 5 year old yorkiepoo named Milokofski (Milo for short). One morning my son took him out for a walk and he all of a sudden dropped down to a laying down position and couldn't go any further. He lost use of his rear legs! We rushed him to our local vet that takes care of him and he told me he was going to give me a real hard diagnosis. Milo had a fractured vertibrae and it was putting pressure on his spinal cord. The expense of hopefully helping him was huge. I was doing this for him regardless, but at the moment it was a hugh financial shock! We rushed him to the local hospital and the neurological vet performed the surgery within 3 hours later! The bill ended up being over $5000!! Thank god for this insurance and the people at Healthy Paws! They were absolutely tremendous from day 1. They helped me through the claim filing portion and how to submit it, they followed up with emails to ensure all my documents were in order and to ensure that Milo was doing ok and asked to give him a hug for them. These people demonstrate that they care!! Big Time. I have had more than 20 dogs in my life and all were my best friends. I never had pet insurance before this and yet I am so glad I do now. It removes the worries of huge financial burdens when normally a easy decision should be made. Make him well, thats all that is important. This insurance company makes those answers easy and they truly care. This isn't some phony review, I never do many reviews and they mu

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fractured vertebrae
Claim Amount
Over $1000

Mixed Breed

Age of Pet
1 - 8

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