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My dog went in for a foot laceraton and upon examination saw that she had a small Umbilical hernia size of a marble. they said to watch it if it gets bigger it would require surgery. this was October 2012 April 2013 the hernia got bigger and I took her in so my vet could look at it and she then said it needed repair so I made an appointment for her surgery April 8th. sent in the paperwork, then 4 weeks later they wanted more information, so my vet sent them more info,they said they didn'y get it so I sent it again. then they came back and said they didn't like the wording the surgery should have been done right then. so now I sent them more paperwork so I sent it. and 10 + weeks later I still am yet to get a check. buy the time this goes threw " if it goes threw" it will have been 3-1/2 months. no different than any other insurance company if they want to get out of paying they will. they are the cheapest but take way way to long to get reimbured. still waiting. oh at the bottom of this page it ask (time taken to handle) 3+ WEEKS they need to have 3+ months.

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Umbilical hernia
Claim Amount
$100 - $500


Age of Pet
1 - 8

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Posted: 10/19/2013

Deny is the name of Pet First's game. Heartbreaking puppy death - made worse by Pet First's unjust denial.