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When I purchased my Boston Terrier, Elliott, I was told that he came with a 30 day free trial of Trupanion, a pet insurance company. Naturally, I laughed. Who has pet insurance? I have had dogs before and surely never needed this type of service. There is a simple form to fill out, and I filed it away with all the other paperwork received.
I took my puppy in for his first round of shots, and the vet said he was a happy healthy puppy. Great! At the end of the visit, the business manager at the vet came in and asked why I haven't enrolled Elliott with the 30 day free trial of pet insurance. I said, "You've seen his report. He's healthy. There's no reason." The business manager said, it's free. Just do it. It takes two minutes. I had reservations. I was afraid of an automatic enrollment after the 30 day free trial, etc, but I enrolled Elliott anyway. It was easy; fill out this paperwork, and the vet did the rest.

After a few weeks, I came back for his second round of shots, and again, I received another healthy progress report. I remarked to the vet, "Good thing I have pet insurance" and went about my day. A week later Elliott and I were playing, and he vomited. Puppies throw up, but something in my head said, this isn't right. He was lethargic. He lost his spunk. I took him into the vet, and they said something was wrong. They couldn't pin point what was exactly wrong, but they gave him a fluid bump, sent him home, and said call us if he vomits a

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Acute Hepatic Liver Failure
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Boston Terrier

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Posted: 06/20/2013

Sad, I was hoping to read more but it was cut off....