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My nine-year-old Pug, Madison (Maddie) has been insured by PetPlan since 2009. I wanted a sound plan that did not exclude breed-specific issues like breathing problems in Pugs. After a lot of research and review, I chose to go with PetPlan, and I am glad that I did.Some months ago, Maddie began hopping and skipping on one of her back legs. A check by her vet revealed no range-of-motion concerns. Since she was getting older, we put her on a joint health supplement, even though she did not seem to be in any pain. Over time, though, Maddie began to show signs of weakness in her hind legs. Her vet sent her to a neurological specialist, who had to do an MRI and spinal tap in order to diagnose her condition. This turned out to be over $2000, not including the visits to her primary care vet that led up to this. Even though I could only afford the Bronze Plan when I initially insured Maddie (pays 80 percent after the $200 deductible), it made all of the difference for us in affording Maddie's care. PetPlan had processed my claim before the charges even appeared on my credit card bill.
We had hoped that Maddie's spinal problem could be fixed with surgery or some form of treatment. However, it turned out to be an autoimmune process that will not get better. Even so, she continues to do well because her PetPlan policy covers the acupuncture and underwater treadmill therapy recommended by her vets. After her treatments we see her do things that she had stopped doing - jump

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degenerative spinal cord disease
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Over $1000


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1 - 8

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