Beware if you have a large claim…..

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I was quite happy over the years with Trupanion. Had a few small claims; nothing big. Until last month. Over the course of 2 hours, my dog became paralyzed in his back legs, due to a completely ruptured disc. Immediate spine surgery was needed, which was successful. So what do they do? Raise my monthly premiums by 37%. Shame on them. I also had to submit my claim 3 times, because "they never received it".

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Spinal (Intervertebral Disc Disease)
Claim Amount
Over $1000


Age of Pet
1 - 8

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Posted: 07/22/2013

I hope that your Dachshund is doing well. I wanted to explain a little bit more about our premium adjustments. The cost of insurance is directly related to the cost of providing the best policy for each market. As the cost of care increases, the cost of insurance will, too.
Our premiums are priced based on the average pet of your situation, taking into account four factors: breed, age at enrollment, chosen deductible, and geographical location. When you see an increase in your premium, it is a reflection that the average pet like yours is experiencing an increase in the cost of their vet care.

This change in the cost of care could be contributed to things like more advanced technology being used, emergency and specialist clinics being more widely used, people being willing to spend more at the vet, or pets experiencing more health problems. Premium adjustments are never tied to your individual claims experience, but to the broad experience of pets like yours.

By our values, we do not punish a pet owner with higher rates just because they had an unlucky pet and filed lots of claims. To be able to continue to cover 90% with no payout limits and to keep offering the best service, we must keep in line with the average cost of each pet by adjusting premiums accordingly.
Our CEO, Darryl Rawlings, does a good job explaining pricing in this video –