Plural asperated pneumonia

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On November 23, 2013 at 2:30am Bulldozer our 7 month old Rottweiler vomited in his crate. We got up with him cleaned his crate and didn't put him back in it that night. By 5:30am my husband woke me up and said the puppy didn't seem well. We took him to the care centre in Calgary we weren't sure at that point if it had been something he ate as he eats anything and everything. By the evening of November 23 they had diagnosed him with aspirated pneumonia his lungs were a mess the X-ray showed them both to be almost completely white they inserted chest tubes in both sides by the Sunday night it looked like we may lose him he did make it through the night at which point the Doctors still were not sure how he would be or if he was strong enough to survive. The staff at the care centre were amazing his primary physician is Dr. Lisa Shearer who has been amazing. Trupanion approved his treatment it has been over $40,000 so far without the trupanion and the amazing staff we would have had to put our Bulldozer to sleep. He is home now and still on antibiotics which he will be for awhile and his care is on going.

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Plural asperated pneumonia
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