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Oh where do I begin. Well first of all, the reason why I chose trupanion is because I have a sharpei mix breed. A lot of insurance companies DO NOT insure sharpeis or mix breed so please make sure you read their fine prints.
My dog was diagnosed with a nerve disorder around December 2011. He needed to get a muscle and nerve biopsy to determine the cause and that totalled more than $2500! And yes, trupanion covered 90% of that minus the detuctible and the exam fee. This was my first claim and it took a couple weeks to get processed because my vet was taking their time sending in his files.

Around January, he came down with pnemonia (also diagnosed with megaesophagus) and was hospitalized for more than 5 days. Again, $2500 + vet bills that trupanion covered. During this incident, I got a pre-approval within 2 hours after he was admitted which gave me complete peace of mind. When he was discharged, the doctor suggested for him to eat prescription food which trupanion covered 50%.

Around March, he received custom braces to aid the instability on his rear legs, $1000 and trupanion covered 90% of that, so you can do the math.

I've sent them many claims (under 10 grand i would estimate) and not one has been denied. My premium has gone up just a couple bucks since enrolling my dog and with the new added benefits you simply can't go wrong.

Please insure your pet. Like myself, you never know what can happen and the last thing you want is to make a decision between mone

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