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Have been using Banfield for years now across 4 different animals. Last time I took my Chihuahua in for her annual dental, 5 of her teeth needed to be extracted. Cost me roughly $100/tooth. This dog is allergic to the anesthesia, so she needs to get the dog equivalent of a Benadryl shot. Add another $15~. Dog needed sutures to close over the extraction sites, $35/suture for 5 teeth. $65 for the antibiotics and pain meds. Fast forward 2 years..... Annual dental is up again. 2 teeth need to be extracted. $100/tooth. Sutures $35/tooth. Her heart rated started to drop under the anesthesia, $35 for the shot. $15 for the Benadryl. $58 for the antibiotics and pain meds. Anal glands expressed, $30! WTF am I paying a monthly fee for? A discount of inflated rates?

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