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My newly adopted Beagle Gracie ate "something" while she was being "watched" by a friend. For four nights she was sick with diarrhea, but she was still eating. On the fifth day she would not eat and seemed to be really lethargic. I brought her to our vet and he gave her some medicine and a shot. A few hours later, she still hadn't eaten and seemed really really lethargic and wasn't drinking water either. I returned to my vet and he took an x-ray and thought that perhaps she might need some type of surgery to remove whatever appeared to be in her stomach. I was advised to bring my sweet girl to an Emergency Hospital that my vet recommended because my vets office perhaps could have done further testings, surgery, but they do not have overnight staff and they did not recommend that she stay there. My little Beagle was at the Emergency Hospital for two nights. I was very upset and concerned because we were not sure if she needed surgery or not at the time of admittance. Luckily she did not need surgery and they kept her on IV and rest for those two days and nights. As you can imagine, the bill for the Emergency Hospital was very steep but what can you do when your pet is sick, you have to take care of them. This was our first experience/claim with a Pet Insurance Company and we were so happy that we had decided to participate in their program. Everyone I spoke to or emailed was very helpful and kind. This was a very traumatic situation for us because we were not sure e

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diarhear, lethargic, vomiting,
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1 - 8

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