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I'm so grateful to be a member of Healthy Paws, and highly recommend them.
I had VPI for 8 years with my previous dog, when he was diagnosed with cancer I learned how most insurance companies work - they itemized the bills and never covered everything...with a limit on everything. The allowed amount in total, would have covered maybe 3 treatments.... In the first 6 weeks he needed one a week...then one every other week...then every 3 weeks and so on.

Very disappointing after paying in for 8 year. Soooo this time I did my research. It was actually the cancer clinic that mentioned a patient that had Healthy Paws, and they were the only patient that they knew of that had an insurance company with no limits.

I looked at their plan, compared it to all the rest, and they came out on top, so I signed up right away when I got my new puppy.
I'm so glad I did, because my puppy is only 9 months now, and unfortunately has elbow dysplasia.
After my $250 deductible - Healthly paws paid for 90% of the $600.00! worth of x rays.
I didn't want to rush into surgery, and the Vet agreed with me to try alternative methods of healing and restricted exercise for awhile first to see if the limping would stop.

I was so pleasantly surprised learn that Healthy Paws helped with lazor treatments as well, being in the holistic field myself this was great news! VPI did not cover any alternative modalities.
Unforunatly the second round of x-rays showed that the joint got worse, and we nee

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elbow Dysplasia
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Over $1000

Golden Retriever

Age of Pet
Under a year

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