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We have had Embrace insurance for our dog since 2008. Since we went several years without any claims, we almost canceled it this year for our now 10 year old German Shepherd. Glad we didn't! He was diagnosed with cancer in his anal gland in early May after a senior blood panel showed hypercalcemia. We quickly had surgery to remove the tumor and planned to go forward with chemotherapy. At his first chemotherapy appointment his blood tests were returned with hypercalcemia again. Exploratory thyroid surgery, less than a month after his cancer surgery, uncovered an enlarged parathyroid, which was the cause of the second hypercalcemia results. We submitted all of the claims surrounding his two surgeries, his chemotherapy sessions thus far, as well as unrelated veterinary visits for arthritic bone spurs in his spine and bladder stones that were likely caused by the hypercalcemia. Embrace quickly paid out all of our claims, strongly validating our decision to renew with a premium that had increased a little due to his senior status. So many insurers won't even cover senior dogs, and many insurers make a lot of breed-specific exclusions (German Shepherds seem to be most excluded). The few times I have spoken with a representative at Embrace, I've been impressed with their high service levels and their sincere empathy towards their customers' pets. We really appreciate their service and how they have allowed us to focus on caring for our sick dog instead of worrying about the financia

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Claim Amount
Over $1000

German Shepherd

Age of Pet
Over 8 years

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