Banfield is a total rip off

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Banfield is by far the worst vet I have ever been to. The wellness plans are a total sham - every visit, I've had to fight to get the vet to perform the most routine tests that are promised in the plan and even then, they find loopholes to charge you... They charge several times the regular rate for meds ect. so you end up paying for that you would have if you'd gone to a reputable vet. All of the doctors at Banfield are inexperienced and incompetent. They are clearly only concerned about getting as much money from you as possible. I worked at a vet for over 5 years and know a little bit about what a good vet should do. I recently took my Great Dane into Banfield in Palm Coast and paid a lot of money for a complete senior wellness exam with a full CBC blood panel screen. The vet barely looked at my dog and did not even notice 5 large lipomas until after I pointed them out to her. She spent LESS THAN 3 minutes examining my dog! She did not ask to review his records nor did she carefully listen to heart and lung function. It was very clear to me the whole exam what just a sham to get money and she did not care at all about my dog's health. She seemed annoyed that I asked questions and did not have informed answers for any of them. They supposedly did a full CBC panel which (miraculously) came back in about 5 min. However, they did not give me the results and when I came back it to pick them up, I noticed there was an abnormally low level platelet count (148) The doctor

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