they suck

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they almost killed my cat because I only had $250.00 to spend. Several months ago I brought my cat Jacob there for a breathing and choking problem. They told me it was bronchitis when it was really asthma. This same problem came up again a week ago. Jacobs whole mouth turned blue because he couldn't breath. The put him on oxygen but couldn't properly diagnose him because I didn't have enough money. I pay my plan on time every month and was mislead on what the plan was for. I was under the assumption it was insurance. Apparently NOT. I brought Jacob to a great place The Bayview animal hospital who didn't care how much money I had and treated my cat. Also when I was at Banfield the guy behind the counter was extremely rude and kind of talked down to me for only having $250.00 and the visit before that being ONLY $200.00 sorry Im a single mother who works two jobs. Don't judge me please

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$100 - $500


Age of Pet
1 - 8

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Posted: 08/20/2013

have taken 4 dogs there and each one on a plan but when they do a spay or nuter they call and say something and it will cost extra. for shots they are ok but they scam on everthing else. they gave me meds for a cat good thing I looked at the box