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Healthy Paws is the best insurance available. I cannot stop bragging about how smart I am to have hooked up with them a couple of years ago. In addition to courteous, swift service, they offer the kind of coverage you need: comprehensive. It's also totally affordable and proves itself well worth the investment again and again.
I have a young dog who was diagnosed this year with what my vet called "the worst hip dysplasia" she'd ever seen. He had to have his whole hip replaced-- the dysplasia was so bad you could feel the head of his femur through his skin, and it had worn away part of the edge of his hip socket. Most insurance companies don't cover hip dysplasia. It's too expensive, and I'm sure its very prevalent. I will never stop thanking my lucky stars that Buddy was covered with Healthy Paws.

I tell everyone with a pet to get insured with Healthy Paws ASAP. My vet is now singing their praises, too. With Healthy Paws, I know I'll never end up in a situation where I have to choose between the health of my best friend and years of debt.

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