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A few years back when I was out of town, my husband meet with the bus that picks our dogs up and takes them to a day care which is also a boarding place. We have been leaving our dogs there for a good number of years when we would go out of town or just for the day. While Sophia and Max was there they were having a good time when my husband called to check on them. When he went to meet the bus he noticed something was very wrong with Sophie. She wasn't walking correctly and she was moaning and crying and seemed to be in a lot of pain. my husband had asked if something happened. The driver said everything was fine. So he called the place and they said that she was getting on the bus and got her leg stuck. Well my husband took her to the emergency vet hospital and they checked her out and said that she looked like she had been hit by a car. Well there was no way that she couldn't of gotten out of the gate. So they had to do emergency surgery. They removed the ball were the ball joint meets. They had her on very high morphine and kept her for a week. when we brought her home she could not go up and down stairs. We had to carry her every where. i called the boarding place and could not get a straight answer out of them. They have always been very nice and very truthful. So we never did find out what happened. I know that they did pay for everything. meanwhile when I contacted VPI they were very concerned and they said they would do what ever we needed no matter what. They covered

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ball joint between the hip and the leg
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