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After I went through the initial cost/benefit analysis and decided that it was worthwhile to get a policy for my pure bread Bengal Cats. I have been very happy with Healthy Paws.
In the past two years, my premiums have remained the same and I have never been denied coverage for the claims that I have submitted and the customer service is the gold standard that many other companies should strive to achieve.

I come home from the vet, scan my vet bill, email the claims department w/attachments, and with the same day I get an acknowledgement and depending on time of day, I get a settlement form with the amount that will be covered that same day, within a week (7 days) I get a check in the postal mail. I am very pleased.

In 2013 - my premium 395, 721 in claims, 312 in reimbursement. I cant say enough, even if I 'self insured', to put my premium in a savings account, I would have been out of pocket this year and I would not have had the peace of mind, knowing that while my cat was undergoing a medical issue, I did not have to weigh out whether I could afford to continue with the diagnosis and treatment of an accident/illness. I no longer have to worry about 'what if' and can concentrate on getting my pet well, simply because I have insurance coverage for my pets.

I was with another carrier for three years and every year my premiums would increase. The first year, it was less than 10% so I thought that is reasonable, but the third year it increased by 50%. I had not

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Anal Gland Abcess
Claim Amount
$500 - $1000


Age of Pet
Over 8 years

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