So grateful for Pet Plan!

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About four years ago, we brought a lovely little two-year old French Bulldog into our family. "Maggie" came from a reputable breeder and we had no concerns about her health. . . that is, until one day, out of nowhere, Maggie became completely paralyzed! We rushed her to the vet, who immediately recognized it as a neurological problem and referred us to a specialist. Maggie had an MRI and it was discovered that she had a herniated disc that needed to be operated on right away. Pet Plan paid out $3,260.15 for that ordeal. Over the next three years, this happened two more times, and, to date, Pet Plan has paid out $13,470.35 (!) to keep our sweet doggie alive and comfortable. In each case, we received the funds promptly and without hassle. And, the customer service is the best. I am nothing short of an evangelist for Pet Plan--I tell everyone who has a pet that they should sign up. Oh, and we just added a new member to our family--a Standard Poodle named Moby--and you can bet he's part of the Pet Plan team already! So grateful for Pet Plan!

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Spinal problems
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French Bulldog

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