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I have two dogs covered by Pet First. The first year I had the coverage I had to have major back surgery requiring me to be in the hospital and then a nursing home for about 2 weeks. One of the benefits, which I had never thought I would use, pays kennel fees if you're hospitalized for over 3 days. I was able to send both dogs to a kennel until I was home and could take care of them. It paid $1,000 per dog.
Last year, my Havanese mix, who had always had a raspy voice and panted constantly (the foster home I got him from thought their house was too hot for him, but it persisted and I thought that was just the way he was. One morning when I got up to feed them he was choking like he had a bone in his throat. I rushed him to the emergency animal hospital where they found that he had a large tumor (thankfully benign) on his larynx and they had to do emergency surgery so that he could breathe. I dreaded the bill since he was there a few days and I think the final bill came to $6,000. Of that I paid the $100 deductable and a few hundred for uncovered expenses. I don't know what I would have done if I had not had the insurance.

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emergency removal of a benign tumor
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