Life saving experience for my cat!!!

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Thanks PetPlan for all of your help with my kitty Tiger Lily and her insurance policy. Everyone has been exceptionally wonderful at PetPlan!! Each and every person I have ever spoken to has been extremely patient and understanding with all of my (numerous) questions and concerns that I had recently due to a serious tumor that my cat was diagnosed with. I would have had to put my beloved Tiger Lily down if I didn't have the incredible coverage that PetPlan has provided her with. Tiger Lily was diagnosed with a tumor on her liver the size of a lemon. The surgery and 2 blood transfusions that were required came to an alarming $8,000. PetPlan covered everything as promised. I had the bronze plan which used to cover $8,000, however, their bronze plan actually covers even more now. They have recently changed their bronze policy to cover $10,000 versus the previous $8,000 (what insurance company actually gives more these days??? I mean how awesome is that??). They issued me a full payment in the exact amount of $8,000 AND with in a week and a 1/2 I received my reimbursement!!!! I have since set up my other 2 cats and my dog with insurance plans as well. I would never even think twice about not having insurance on all of my precious fur babies. I have noticed with a lot of the other insurance companies out there you never really know what could or could not be covered and then if it is covered you really never know what the reimbursement may be. PetPlan takes all the guess wo

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Massive Liver Tumor
Claim Amount
Over $1000

Mixed Breed

Age of Pet
Over 8 years

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