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We enrolled our English Bulldog puppies with Healthy Paws at the age of 9 weeks. We could not have made a better choice when choosing Healthy Paws. My husband and I researched other pet insurance plans and found that many of them do not cover hereditary issues in some breads. Healthy Paws however has been there for us through 4 surgeries between both of our dogs. But this latest scare was with our little Maxine. She stopped breathing a day after her soft pallet surgery. We rushed her to UCDavis Veterinary hospital and they began CPR and she was then on a ventilator to do the breathing for her. Of course we would do anything for our babies but the feeling of helplessness came over us when we realized how mmuch this was going to cost. The vet hospital quoted us a high of 12,000. We made the deposit of 8000.00 on our credit card and called Healthy Paws the very next morning. While in tears, I spoke to Mona at Healthy Paws who assured me it would all be okay and to make sure we keep her in the hospital as long as possible to get Maxine in good health. She said "don't worry we have you covered" We will reimburse you 90% of all expenses and if the bill continues to grow and we cannot afford to pay up front she offered to send direct payments to the hospital!! Without Healthy Paws our Maxine may not have had access to the treatment she needed to make a full recovery. She is coming home today. A long road ahead but will be back to the same pup she was before this happened. Thank yo

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