Healthy Paws offers superior coverage for seniors

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In 2012, when I chose Healthy Paws for my cats, it was after having dome a fair amount of research. At the time, Healthy Paws was one of the few insurers that would cover older pets, such as my then 12 year old female cat. Healthy Paws was also the only insurer that I found, at that time, to offer continuous coverage for older pets. For those who are unfamiliar with insurance jargon, continuous coverage means that illnesses or injuries that show up while a pet is covered, will continue to be covered as long as the policy is in force, (as long as the pet is alive, and the premiums are paid.) Insurance plans that do not offer continuous coverage will generally cover a disease for the policy term in which the disease is diagnosed, but will consider the disease a pre-existing condition when the policy is renewed at the next term, usually the next year. What this means in real life is that a pet that develops diabetes, for instance, will have the diabetes covered for a year with a non-continuous coverage policy. The next year, after the policy is renewed, the diabetes will no longer be covered. Healthy Paws' continuous coverage plans are worth seeking, because they allow pet parents to keep giving their pets high quality care year after year, not just for the first year after something pops up. This type of consistent, high quality care made all the difference for me and for my oldest insured cat, my soon to be 15 year old little girl. My girl has, like many older ladies, arthri

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asthma, arthritis, disk disease
Claim Amount
Over $1000

Domestic Shorthair

Age of Pet
Over 8 years

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