Two rattlesnake bites witin 8 months

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My dog experienced his first rattlesnake bite in September of 2012, It was a horrifying experience to see my little guy (Miniature Pinscher) suffer through this snake bite as his head blew up looking like a pit bull and he was in obvious pain. He was rushed to the emergency and treated with the anti venin and released from ICU the next day. Complete recovery from the snakebite took about a week and happy to say he was back to normal. The insurance process through VPI was outstanding as VPI paid about $1300 of my $1800 bill, and re-imbursement was fast. Shortly after this incident I did parameter snake fencing around the yard and looked for Rattlesnake aversion training nearby, finally found a trainer traveling to my area and signed my guy up 4 months in advance, July 23 was my date. Well 8 months after the first snakebite it happened again, just two months short of rattlesnake aversion training. You know it, back to the emergency, pain and another $1800 emergency bill. Just like the first time, I submitted my Vet bills, and just found out yesterday that the claim was denied, I am assuming because this type of treatment was already performed within the yearly term of the policy. I am still trying to understand the provisions of the policy but it was my understanding that $14000 was the max payout for pet coverage in any calendar year regardless of multiple incidents, but I guess I am wrong and will have further discussions with VPI representatives. From my under

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Rattlesnake bite
Claim Amount
Over $1000

Miniature Pinscher

Age of Pet
1 - 8

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