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My Weimaraner just turned 15 last month. I was 62 when Blue came into my life unexpectantly. I had never had a pet before, so you can imagine my shock when my neighbor told me that he had spent nearly $2,000 on vet bills when his dog broke his leg. Just thinking of that cost made me shudder. How would I face such an expense if something serious happened to Blue? That's when I started looking into pet insurance. I considered three companies but settled on VPI. I wanted to make sure I got a company that did not cut a dog off as it got older, which one did, and I wanted to make sure that the company had stability so that it would not go out of business about the time my dog got too old to be insured by another company without major exclusions of the very illnesses that I needed covered. In addition, I wanted a company that would provide coverage at any vets and in any state since I knew I would be moving across the country eventually. VPI has been great and I recommend it to everybody I talk to about dogs. My dog has had bloat surgery and an MRI and other tests for vestibular disease--all very expensive. When he seems sick, I always rush him off to the vets, and I feel comfortable doing this knowing he has VPI insurance. Granted at times the reimbursement has only been half the bill, but over the course of the years, I have gotten back just about all my premiums for health conditions as well as the premiums for the wellness benefit each year. The premiums have inc

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bloat surgery, vestibular disease
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