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One of our Goldendoodles, Nick, was diagnosed with Stage IV Lymphoma in January this year. He was just 4.5yrs old. We did everything we could to fight it and so did he. He passed away earlier this week but without Pet Plan, we would not have had the 5 months with him that we did. We've been reimbursed for every expense other than the $200 deductible and copay percentage we selected. As I mentioned, we did everything we could and Pet Plan sent us checks totaling more than $5000 over the past few months. This included some emergency visits we had in the beginning before we really knew how bad Nick's condition was. Nick made weekly visits to Auburn University Hospital (so did my we), he had weekly chemo, and we had tons of meds to administer at home.
Every time we had a question or concern about coverage, we were able to get resolution in a warm and timely manner from whomever answered the phone at Pet Plan. That's right, we always spoke to a person within 1-2 minutes of making a call. Fantastic and more personable customer service compared to other businesses I deal with on a regular basis.

We still have one dog with Pet Plan and will, without a doubt, protect future dogs with Pet Plan in the future as they are added to our family.

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1 - 8

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