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Been meaning to write to Petplan since the illness and ultimately the death of our young dog, Ike, who passed away November 2010 at the age of 2 and 3/4 years. We (the primary vet, specialists, my sons and I) did our best to help him. Ike apparently contracted distemper virus as a puppy, survived it and was with full good health until age 2 when the virus became viciously active again and caused extensive neurological damage. We all thank you greatly for the financial reimbursement that helped me bear the costs of his treatment, recovery care, medicines. Indeed, Ike was quite clearly helped by the initial treatment and stabilized and had some good life quality for a number of months until a precipitous decline in the last few weeks that led us to the consensus that euthenasia was the best way to help Ike.
Our second dog, Kipu, is enrolled with you. She is a fine healthy dog and I am very glad to have your insurance for her. I will enroll a new doggie member who we are planning to join our household. In closing, I enthusiastically recommend your pet insurance as you have handled my dog Ike's case with professionalism, responsibility and care.

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