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Embrace Insurance is comprehensive, responsive and user friendly. Sager is a high valued service dog as well as a well known member of the island of Kauai. He sustained an injury during a play date with our pastor's airdale. Sager would yelp whenever he made certain movements with his neck area. A veterinarian's exam revealed tenderness in the soft tissue of the left side of his neck. During the months that followed Sager required pain and anti-inflammatory medications as well as acupuncture and laser therapy weekly. When his progress was slow we traveled with him to another island for a CAT scan and examination with a specialist.All the while Embrace workers kept pace with monitoring his care and communicating with us via email and EOBs'. The Embrace staff was both competent and friendly.

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injured while playing
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Over $1000

Labrador Mix

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1 - 8

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