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Our dog is a complete lemon - a wonderful, cuddly lemon, but a lemon all the same. When she was a puppy we realized that health issues would be Charlie's constant companion and, after her irritable bowel disease diagnosis, we started shopping for pet insurance. Many of the companies that our vet recommended (including pet insurance giant VPI) refused to take her saying that her IBD was a preexisting condition and they would not take the risk.
Pets Best not only took the risk, but has been incredible to deal with over the years. And deal with us they have! If health issues were dollar bills, I'd be a very wealthy person - urinary incontinence, Vitiligo, chronic ear infections and even a torn ACL that required surgery - Pets Best has been with us every step of the way.

They've treated us fairly as far as reimbursement is concerned and their customer service is outstanding! Not only is their portal easy to use, but their phone reps are the nicest customer service reps I have ever dealt with. They will literally help you with ANYTHING to do with your policy - I have never once been told it wasn't their job and they have often had to go above and beyond to assist me with complex questions regarding my dog and her health. These guys really know their stuff and are more than willing to help you along the way.

Yes - there are restrictions on what they will pay for (as with ALL insurance companies!), but if you read the contract before you buy you'll know whether or no

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Ear Problem

Eye problem

Skin problem



ACL Replacement
Claim Amount
Over $1000


Age of Pet
1 - 8

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Posted: 06/17/2013

Sarah - thank you so much for the feedback! We're happy to play a part in keeping your dog healthy.
Carol - we strive to stay in touch with our customers when a credit card payment fails, and alert policyholders by email at least three times when they need to update payment information in order to maintain coverage. We also offer a two-week grace period for reinstating policies, just in case. There isn't enough information to contact you directly, so please call our Customer Care team at 877-738-7237 if we can be of further assistance. We hope you'll consider us for future pets.

Posted: 05/19/2013

I have had Pets Best for years and never had to use the policy.After almost 5 years they threw me off for missing a payment because I changed my ATM card.As soon as I found out about it I called to make the payment. At my surprise I was told I no longer have a policy and if I want a new one it can be done.Again to my surprise they said my golden wont be covered for things like Hip Dispasia which is why I have the insurance because I hear they are prown to it. Now they say its like I never had a policy with them and no other company's will cover it either because he is over the 2 year birthday.Surprise I did find one Thank God See how they treat u after collecting thousands from me.Thank you Pets Best Please change Your name