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Our 1 year old yellow lab (Chunk) digested an entire tube sock, he underwent 4 hours of surgery which saved his life. Had it not been for our vet and Healthy Paws he would have surely passed away. The comfort of knowing that Healthy Paws is there to insure the coverage of a surgery such as this is what made the decision that much easier to give the go ahead for the surgery. We could not be happier about the way the claims have been handled and their quick response to all of our emails and phone calls. I have already recommended Healthy Paws to several of my friends that have new (and old) pets in order for them to be rest assured that when (not if) there pets will require a visit to the vet that they two will be in good hands knowing a company such as this will stand beside them in their time of need. Thanks from the bottom of our hearts for saving our dogs life and if he could you'd get a big lick across the face from him in person. Best Regards, Steve and Lisa Rogalinski PS. Chunk thanks you to....

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digestion of foreign object
Claim Amount
Over $1000

Yellow Lab

Age of Pet
1 - 8

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