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I was a owner of two pugs. One fawn colored, named Frank and one black pug named Whiskey. We got the two dogs as babies at 12 weeks old. Frank and Whiskey were a year and 3 months old. On August 24, 2013 Whiskey went for a walk with my husband and his brother Frank. Whiskey never even made it out of the driveway when suddenly his hind legs gave out and he fell over and could not walk. Whiskey was rushed to the vet and before we could blink a eye he needed urgent care at a hospital in Burnaby. My son and my husband drove my baby to the mainland to Burnaby and Whiskey had to stay there. I was in the states at the time and was not able to see my baby before he left. Whiskey had a MRI done on Monday and it was determined my best friend had Menigitis. Whiskey started a IV therapy and the doctors gave him a 80 percent chance of making a full recovery. My little buddy took a turn for the worst that night and when I spoke with the doctor in the morning he had a rough night. Whiskey was having seizures and went into a coma. Around noon that day I called to check on Whiskey and he had come out of the coma and was starting to respond a bit. By 2:00 pm that day my best friend Whiskey passed away. I lost my buddy and Frank lost his brother. Trupanion was there for us immediately. I called and explained the situation and they were caring, helpful, and very quick to settle the hospital bills. Trupanion made it very easy to deal with our sudden loss. Even after they were

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