Embarrassed. Had them for FOUR years.

Out of 10

Had Banfield "Insurance" for 4 yrs on one dog and two years on another. I'm a sucker. Anyway, when I finally realized that I was getting virtually no benefits, and that the itemized "comprehensive" exam could in no way really cost $2000 before my "insurance" discount. Bringing my grand total to a magical $60.00 each time. When I called to cancel, I was told not to bring my dog in before next month or I would be charged for any services rendered. Glad they informed me… But, my dogs are healthy and they probably collected over $1000 from me and now I could be charged more? Talk about send me into a new level of pissed the F off. Anyway, I would advise- don't be a sucker, just say NO.

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Old English Bulldogge

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