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My dog had an appointment at the vet for her yearly check up & shots , As I was ready to Pay I gave the PET ASSURE card alone with my Credit card , The Office know nothing of this Card ,They did check the site & yes their name was there but they were not with this service , They are doing some check for their office & are going to inform me of the finding. I did call PET Assure asked some question Which they themselve had no answers, I did get a call back Stateing that my Vet was with the service, That the proble was clear & call my Vet for a refund. I did & still Nothing, This was something that another office manager arranged, but it was never put into the Vets Programs that they work with.I am going to let my Vet's office find what the problems are & what they are going to say about the Pet Assure Serive, I am not HAPPY

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Posted: 01/05/2014
By: Jo

If your vet was an honorable one--regardless of which employee, past or present, signed his practice up with Pet Assure--he would honor your discount! Your beef is with your vet, not Pet Assure.

Posted: 04/28/2015
By: Pet Assure Cus…

We're sorry that you had a poor billing experience with your vet. We update our list of participating vets continually. Our customer care team will be happy to help and contact the practice to clear up any confusion. Our customer care team can be reached at 888-789-7387.