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Thank Goodness for ASPCA Pet Insurance! Insurance-It is painful to part with $ every month that you feel you are just giving away, until you have the occasion to have a series of smaller claims or one big one. The first time I heard about pet insurance our first dog was older, but I had every confidence he would live for 8 more years. By the time I was ready to apply to ASPCA insurance, we found out he had liver cancer and died within a few days. That was a very, very, very hard time for our family. The bills incurred were also a huge shock! We soon decided our lives were not complete without a dog to love in our home. But this time, I was wiser, and signed up with the ASPCA Pet Insurance immediately. It is important to know that the pet insurance does not get activated until 30 days after you purchase it. Unfortunately our new puppy got sick under that time limit and we incurred a huge bill at the Vet again. But, I am happy that we have had coverage ever since, and unfortunately for our pet and for us, he has been ill multiple times and we have been happy to have our coverage!!! I suggest ASPCA Pet Insurance as a must to my friends and family who are getting a dog. It is no longer so painful to pay our monthly pet insurance bill, as we know that we have it there if we must use it. Just like there is a comfort in knowing we are lucky enough to have health insurance.

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Claim Amount
$100 - $500

Yorkshire Terrier

Age of Pet
1 - 8

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