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I had VPI with my previous Bernese Mtn Dog. I was okay with it. Didn't think they paid quite enough on the first cancer surgery but was sure nice to have some of it back. I didn't really know another one so would have put my new berner puppy on it too but stopped to read all the fine print in the back and they had added an exclusion for Histio cancer which is a biggie in berners. That was out so I asked around the club and several ladies had Embrace, had some major events and were very happy. I researched it and felt that it covered the most and was impressed to see the level of the coverage on each event until the yearly max was reached. I added wellness coverage as it gives you $25.00 over the rate you pay so felt it was a good deal.So far have just made the wellness claims and they respond immediately that it is received and let you know the amount that is on the way to you very quickly.

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Bernese Mountain Dog

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