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This is my first and last time using a pet policy insurance scam. I'd rather save the money for the vet since I'm going to have to pay anyway. In May I decided to obtai a policy because I had heard from others that it was a good thing. So I searched online and decided to go with Embrace. I have a rescue dog I had gotten in August so I knew that his hear condition would fall under preexistimg, however, to my surprise that after waiting a month for a $628 claim on removal of a cancerous tumor on my dogs cheek I was denied. I had to follow up numerous times due to insufficient vet reports though this was all submitted for approval of the policy in the 14 day grace period. It seems that a growth on the foot the initial vet and my current vet have dismissed as an overgrowth due to an infection from lousy care of the previous owners could be related to and therefore a preexistimg condition of the current tumor on the side of his cheek! Really?! Embrace says the vet report does not give them enough information as to whether or not the foot growth is cancerous. Hmm don't you think if it was they would have told me we would need a test to find out if cancerous instead of put a boot on it so it does scape and get a rug burn!
Embrace said I could go through their appeal process and I told them they could have called the vet if they were uncertain if the two were related due to the reports. Obviously they read and determine a vets report based on if they want to pay or not pay. The p

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Cheek tumor
Claim Amount
$500 - $1000

Neopolitan Mastiff

Age of Pet
1 - 8

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Posted: 08/12/2013

I'm sorry for your disappointment Andy. We are more than happy to review the case if your vet gives us new information to disconnect the two issues.