I loved Embrace till my first policy renewal

Out of 10

I've had Embrace insurance for my beagle mix for a little under a year. I got the renewal quote in the mail and was surprised by the amount it went up, going up from $565 to $640. I called to ask why and the representative that Embrace will raise my rates every year by 10% because my dog is over 5 years old. If she lives a long time and they increase rates by 10% every year, this insurance is going to be very expensive.
I did a lot of research before choosing Embrace, and I have been very happy with their response time to our claims, and they have always reimbursed my 80%. But this 10% percent increase every year just because my dog is now 6 years old is crazy. I would be more understanding if my dog was over 10 years old, but everyone calls her a puppy and yet I'm paying elderly dog rates.

I'm no longer recommending Embrace to my friends and cautioning them that even the best companies will increase your rate $75 for no reason. I haven't decided whether to renew or not this year or switch to a different company.

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