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Our 8 year Labradoodle was recently diagnosed with pulmonary melanoma. I couldn't believe my ears when the surgeon told me with treatment, he may live one more year! It was a hard pill to swallow. PetPlan insurance has allowed us not to think twice about recommended treatments. He is currently on chemo and taking an oral vaccine for melanoma. PetPlan has been so professional, knowledgeable and understanding. Customer service has been EXCELLANT and each person I have spoke to has left their direct phone number incase I needed to call back(Thanks Amy!) Turn around time has been outstanding. We have a local pet insurance in town but the reason I didn't go with them was because PetPlan has a better BBB rating. I have made the RIGHT choice in pet insurance and I hope you do too! Our dog is doing well and each day he is with us, I'm grateful for PetPlan because they have allowed us with financial flexibility in his health care! I have been recommending PetPlan to all of my friends with pets and even to Veterinarian's! Thank you PetPlan!

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