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I've been with Banfield for two years and in two different states. The Vets are green or just don't know anything. My bassett mutt has been going there since he was a puppy and they kept telling me there was nothing wrong with him they even did Xrays and said he just had a little arthritis. WRONG. I went home to visit family and took him to our old family vet. She just looked at him and said that his knees where off and so was on leg. She did Xrays and showed me that his kneecaps where in the wrong place one paw had grown in wrong. If this had been caught when He was younger it would have been an easier fix but now his is full grown and there is a lot of wear and tear. I called and canceled my banfield insurance and they had the nerve to charge me to cancel their horrible service or they would report that I didn't pay them to the credit agencies. They were in the wrong and have cost my dog his abbility to walk with there doctors incompetince but yet I still have to pay them more than two hundred dollars. Do NOT get the insurance or go to these quacks.

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Posted: 04/29/2013

I agree totally with you. I just lost my black lab. He went for all of his checkup and additional ones as his breathing seemed labored to me at times and he was lethargic. The vets at Banfield kept telling me he was just getting old, he needed to lose weight. Even when he had a mass growin on his chest, I was told that it was just fat deposits. Well after taking him to another vet. He was diagnosed with cancer!! They never offered, xrays, or other testing. I will never use Banfield Vets again!!