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We've had insurance with these guys since 2007 when we adopted our cat. When our cat was ill (he ingested a toxin outside) they tried to claim it was pre-exisiting.
They then tried to claim as there was no definitive diagnosis (i.e. the vet could not specific exactly what the toxin was, just the severe effect it had on our cat (who ended up have his spleen removed)), they would not cover treatment. They then tried to deny our claim as the admin at the vet put the wrong admission date on the paperwork. We had to get a letter from the vet correcting this.

It took us six months of fighting, phone calls, emails letters and faxes to receive payment.

We now currently have a claim open for a heart murmur that was caught during a routine check up, and guess what? They are saying it is pre-existing from the 2007 paperwork. Of course, I have checked the notes from the vet, the claim form from 2007 etc. No mention of any heart issue.

They really are shysters and if we could fine a better insurance plan, we would. But I suspect they are all the same.

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toxin ingestion
Claim Amount
Over $1000

Colorpoint Shorthair

Age of Pet
1 - 8

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