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I have had both my dogs insurance with Healthy Paws since they were puppies (about 2 years now). I've submitted claims for medications, allergy testing and small cost items - all claims were always processed fast and they always cover what they say they will. Just the other day, my little mini-golden doodle had been scratching his face a lot, I knew it was probably seasonal allergies. I took him to a dog dermatologist where they performed a skin allergy test, gave him a steroid shot to calm the itching and all this other stuff, including daily allergy shots medication. The bill shockingly came out to $1050 - holy crap, I was not expecting that. The Healthy Paws claim form was sent in that same evening to reimbursement. This was a Tuesday, by Thursday the same week I had over a $800 check sitting in my mailbox.
Healthy Paws is quick, efficient and honest. I did my due diligence when shopping for pet insurance companies and I found out a lot of dirty stuff on other companies. Healthy Paws has only raised my rate about $5 or so dollars since the beginning - that is completely fine with me.
Healthy Paws is the best decision I have made for my pups.

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Over $1000

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