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I have used VPI for years since I had a dog get sick with colitis and cost me $400 out of pocket. I surmised I would rather spend a little each month on my dogs than pay a huge bill out of pocket. I also did not want to be in a position of having to choose the health of my wallet over the health of my dogs. Case in point, my dachshund, Jack, started to lose his ability to walk and was diagnosed with IVDD. We were lucky to catch it prior to paralysis, so without hesitation, I had Jack undergo the major surgery involved by a veterinary surgeon. Jack is recovering and is nearly normal except for a little limp. The total cost of treatment was over $4,600, but I only paid $1,000 out of pocket since VPI covered $3,665! I recommend VPI to every pet owner.

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Interverebral Disc Disorder
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Over $1000


Age of Pet
1 - 8

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