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Sophie is a lovable little Shih Tzu. While traveling to Florida she had an accident while getting off the elevator at the Drury Inn in Paducah, Ky. We were going outside for her last "necessary" trip of the evening. It seems that the people waiting at the 1st floor level were in a rush to get on the elevator and not interested in us getting off. In the confusion Sophie apparently had her rear foot stepped on and she let out a "yelp" and apparently "torqued" her back. By 1 o'clock a.m. she was having difficulty walking and could not get comfortable. I called a vet in Paducah (never got an answer) and finally called the vet in Fort Myers and left a message. He called back the next morning before 7 a.m. and told me to get her to an emergency clinic when I got to Tallahassee, FL that evening.
Prior to noon I stopped at a rest stop and she could not move her rear legs. The next city was Birmingham Alabama and I decided to look for such a clinic there. It was a Sunday and I knew that the vet clinics would be closed, however I called one and the recorded message included an emergency clinic's phone

To make a long story short she had back surgery that day to remove a ruptured disc. The surgeon on call was James Milton, DVM, MS (retired professor emeritus AUCVM). What a lucky break that was!

We are heading back to Iowa by car, on April 2nd and plan to stop to see Dr. Milton on the morning of April 3rd (2 months to the day from surgery). We left the clinic about no

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